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Download TwiiterSmash
« on: May 25, 2012, 05:48:44 pm »
Dear Fellow Marketer,
Do you want to boost your sales on auto pilot and appear very natural to your followers and to twitter anti spam bots?
I am Jay, a full time internet marketer and I have been marketing on Twitter for almost a year now. I am promoting a lot of affiliate products on different websites and niches. Most of my traffic and sales are coming from Twitter which is where I have been focusing my efforts on these days.
Maybe you have already seen many twitter applications out there or you have already tried using them. If you do, I'd like to ask you one question; How many of your accounts have been banned?
If none yet, you're either lucky or aren't marketing aggressively. Twitter is getting more and more serious about banning users who are using bots, and it is quite easy for them. By design of their API, they can easily tell if you are using automated software or not. So if you are using automated software that uses the Twitter API to do things like follows, unfollows, auto posting, retweeting etc, you are basically inviting the Twitter anti spam bots to look at your account's activites.

Did You Know?

The Twitter API is responsible of your 150 request limits
The Twitter API is how Twitter can easily know that you are automating your task
It is the reason that you cannot follow many users per day
It is the reason that can not tweet your offers many times per day
It is the reason that your account gets banned when you follow too much
It is the reason that your account gets banned when you tweet too much
All twitter softwares out there are built using the Twitter API.
 . . . until the development of TwitterSmash.
Download TwitterSmash from here
It works like TweetAttacks
How to use it?
1.- Double click the program and enter your Twitter Username and Password when asked
2.- Select the text files with tweets you want to post.
3.- The program will start to load and create the tweets, This is a memory consuming operation. If you find your keyboard
or mouse disable, after 5 minutes of working, TwitterSmash will lower memory usage, and you will be able to use
your mouse and keyword. Do not close the program at this moment.
4.- When threads creation finish, TwitterSmash will start posting resembling human behaviour, posting a tweet
from the file every 30 to 500 seconds.
5.- In Windows 7 or Vista you will need to run TwitterSmash as Administrator. Just right click the icon and choose
Run as Administrator.
Download TwitterSmash from here
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