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hearing, the Division asserted that during its investigation, it had been prevented on several occasions from inquiring into matters involving ions with lawyers.Accordingly, the Division argued that witnesses should not be allowed to testify about consulting with UBS legal department. A classic whatsgoodforthegooseisgoodforthegander position: If we cant ask you about it, then you cant it. Ortizs counsel responded that:   Ortiz has no power to assert or waive UBSs attorneyclient privilege and has not asked UBS to do so and  the evidence is not being used to show that UBSs Legal counsel approved the documents, but rather to show that Ortiz checked with Legal and Compliance to refute the Divisions expected claim that Ortiz was n
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 atue of Balzac to buy a cigar, and when I came out not two minutes later, a Frenchman had stopped his car and asked Peaches if she would to go home with him. In the restaurant she had flirted with three elegant French businessmen in the next booth when I went to the toilette. They had been looking at her the whole meal, and I could not blame them, since Peaches is wonderful to look at. I was also feeling sorry for the French because Bush had just won the election, so I smiled at them when I came back and took my seat and they smiled at me as if to say, You are very lucky, Monsieur. In fact, the maicirctre d had said that exact same thing, and not just because he was angling for a big pourboire. But now when I came out of the t
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 an % new content.The first edition clocked in at pages head to tail, whilethe second edition comes it at pages for a .% increase yes, the font size and spacing appears to be the same in both books.To be even more exact, eliminating appendices and acknowledgements puts the texts growth at .%.The total number of chapters has risen from to .Brand new material is d for four new chapters on Spains recent success Made in Amsterdam, an analysis of manager performance versus wages Do Coaches Matter, how inmatch analysis is changing the game The Secret of Claude Makelele, and an extended ion on the irrational economics of soccer Safer than the Bank of England.Nearly every existing chapter has bits added to it, with repeated focus on th
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