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RHpb 44
« on: December 14, 2013, 11:54:25 am »
r $ apiece. And how do the natives feel about the crowds from the lower Ambivalent. Some newspapers, politicians and residents carp about the pollution, congestion and noise. They complain the cruise industry is profiting without having to pay a statewide head or tourism tax. But then they cant afford to have the cruise lines go away. The cruise industry sent $ million into Alaska last year, mostly in wages and retail sales. Threequarters of Skagways $ million in revenues came from this source. Many entrepreneurs have piggybacked on the ships success. Steven Hites, a former railroad conductor in Skagway, lost his job in after a near mine shut down, causing an % drop in freight revenue. Today he sells eight tour packages, incl
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 otals dozens of planes and has flown more than million passengers.   Sidebar: Formula Fun   Another difference is AirAsias operating costs, which the aviation center ranks as the worlds lowest, at just . U.S. cents per available seatkilometer in the second quarter of . Yet profits were plenty, given operating revenue per available seatkilometer of . cents. comparison, the governmentowned, fullservice Malaysia Airlines endured costs of . cents per seatkilometer on revenue of only . cents. Thai Airways, also nationally owned, piled up costs of . cents on revenue of . cents. Yet AirAsia also scores on service. Passengers polled Skytrax ranked it the worlds best lowcost airline in and . Fernandes improbable route to the airline i
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 tor Tester, is that if two identical products are available, one with a mandated price lower than the cost of production and one priced to cover the cost, consumers will naturally choose the cheaper option. The higherpriced product will either be marked down until it complies with the price cap, or it will not sell. Credit unions, on the whole, agree with this logic. Both NAFCU and the Credit Union National Association, as well as individual credit unions, have uniformly opposed the Durbin Amendment. NAFCU President Fred Becker argued, The impact of [interchange regulation] on small credit unions was never examined. As nonprofit, memberowned cooperatives that often have limited budgets and resources, credit unions are looking
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 n withdrawals from a traditional pretax IRA. If stretchout IRAs are killed, heirs wont be able to spread out those withdrawals, meaning theyre more ly to be pushed into higher tax brackets. A charity can cash in the IRA at no tax cost and?Cif youre still worried about the estate tax?Canything left to charity is excluded from your estate. contrast, if you want to make charitable gifts while youre alive, its usually best to make Warren Buffett and to give appreciated stock . Taxpayers who are already frac may want to transfer their required minimum distributions to charity instead. The provision allowing such tax free transfers is temporary and could lapse after this year. Follow Janet Novack on  Also on Forbes:  Turn Your Kids
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